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Air Bubble Apple/tomatoes/spinach Washing/Cleaning Machine



Model FM-120
power 3kw
dimension 400kg
size 2000*900*1000mm
capacity 500-800kg/h
Number of MAO kun 9-15 sets



Fruit and vegetable bubble automatic cleaning device is provided with a bubble generating machine, so that the material was tumbling state, the removal of pesticide residues in the efficacy of the product surface, can be added to the amount of reagent, disinfected fixing. Floating debris can overflow from the overflow tank, sediment discharge from the outfall, in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Why select Air bubble cleaning machine? 
Different from traditional vegetable washing and cleaning machine, the water bubble washing machine adopts UV/O3 water treatment system to disinfect the clean water, kill harmful bacteria and decompose the pesticide residue. Thus the whole process can save much water and make less damage to the vegetables with thin skin.
Air bubble cleaning machine Highlights
1. Adopts water bubble principle with a high cleaning ratio
2. UV/03 compound sterilizing system
3. Energy and water saving
4. No damage to vegetables and fruits
5. Wide application to various foods
Air bubble cleaning machine Application and Features
1. Ideal machine for cleaning vegetables and fruits such as mushrooms, celery, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, strawberry and so on.
2. Water bubble vegetable washing machine adopts the principle of water bubbles which makes a high cleaning ratio and less damage to vegetables and fruits
3. Water bubble vegetable washing machine is wholly made of high quality stainless steel, which is easy to maintain and has a long service life.
4. Water bubble vegetable washing machine is easy to operate and energy-saving.



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